Stuck inside because of the cold winter weather? Here are a few ideas to keep all the kids occupied!

Here in Texas, our winters are mild enough that terms like “snowed in,” “cabin fever,” “blizzard” and “ice storm” don’t even register a single memory in our minds.

My reality right now: I’m wearing a comfy sweat shirt with a knee-length skirt, leggings, and ballet flats. My kids have been playing outdoors all week, enjoying the 60-degree afternoons.

Sure, we get our “ice days” and “snow days.” But, most of the time, winter is a state of mind for us southerners!

For those of you who live up north, in the COLD states, you experience a very different season!

I have a feeling that “cabin fever” might be a reality for you right now… especially if you’re like me and have a houseful of energetic kids who need to stay busy and productive, even on long, cold afternoons and evenings at home.

Here are some fun, engaging, and even a few energetic indoor activities for your family to enjoy. Maybe these will be especially helpful for my northern friends who haven’t seen sunshine in a while!


#1 Play a Board Game!

Our family loves a good game night! It’s fun to get together with friends, or just hang out at home with the kids and play a good, old fashioned board game.

Here is a list of a few great board games from Rainbow Resource Center:

Fun Board Games for Young Kids:

Fun Board Games for the entire Family:


#2 Play a Word Game!

If your kids are old enough to enjoy a battle of the wits, here’s a list of super fun and challenging word and language games:


#3 Jump Around!

Do you have a den, large living room, or enclosed porch? Let your kids get active and jump around a little!

Active Play for Indoors:


#4 Build a Fort or Tent!

My kids love building forts or tents out of quilts! If you want to get fancy, here’s a fun Fortamajig idea to check out. This penguin tent is pretty cute, too.


#5 Get Brainy with Putty!

My kids love Aaron’s Thinking Putty! We’ve incorporated it into our school time for the younger kids, but it’s a stimulating and fun activity for any time of the day or year.

My boys’ especially love the glow-in-the-dark and heat sensitive Thinking Putty.

Modeling clay and play dough are more fun options for keeping your kids busy and productive during inclement weather. Here are some fun play dough sets and accessories your kids might enjoy.


#6 Build Something!

If you have kids who love to create things with their hands and build, here are a few educational “toys” to keep them busy during these long, cold winter months:


#7 Play Dress Up!

My daughters have a few favorite hats and “fancy” dresses, while my little boys have a drawer full of cowboy duds, hats, belts and toy guns. Dressing up is fun for girls AND boys!

If you’re looking for a few pint-size costumes, hop over and check out these Little Adventure Costumes. They’re perfect for fueling your preschooler through third or fourth grader’s vivid imagination!


#8 Have a Puppet Show!

I have five kids, which means that my two, older daughters can put on a puppet show and still have an audience of three little boys! Puppets are a fun and meaningful way for kids to entertain themselves (and each other). My experience has been that little ones love puppets!

Take a peek at the hand and glove puppets at Rainbow Resource Center… they offer everything from tiny finger puppets, to princess hand puppets and large, plush animal puppets.


#9 Play Dolls!

If you’re blessed with little girls, then you know how important DOLLS are to the family! Keep a stash of paper dolls, or special play house toys, just for rainy or winter days.

Here’s a list of a few of my personal favorites:


#10 Sticker Books!

I’ve been a fan of stickers and sticker books since I was in preschool. Some of my earliest memories of “school” include adding pretty stickers to the pages of the sticker book my mom made for me.

I am especially fond of the Ultimate Sticker Books from DK Publishing, because they include 100’s of beautiful, detailed stickers in each booklet and offer themes for both girls and boys. How about a sticker book of castles and knights? Or ballerinas? Or tractors? Or baby animals?

What would you add to this list? Comment below!