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Creating summer memories and beyond

For us, the heat of summer has begun. I catch myself looking back on the past couple of summers and somewhat lamenting. They haven’t been the awesomely fun filled, carefree, easy going stuff that dreams (or movies) are made of. I clearly remember last summer scrolling quickly through my social media newsfeeds that were filled with family and friends jet-setting here, there and everywhere.

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When the weather outside is frightful

The adrenaline tends to keep me going around the holidays. Dreary weather can’t get me down because my eyes are focused on what is ahead. The fun, family, baking and celebration of the Jesus’ birth. I keep the kids busy during these months, right into the new year. Enter the New Year. Our friend Winter.

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Winter inspired art projects

Do you find yourself skipping art altogether because of a failed art curriculum in the past? Is it easy to trudge through your math and language arts books and somehow get through it by the end of the year. Then you leave your art plans by the wayside?

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Homeschool recreation

I am probably the last person to teach anything physical to my children at all. I was not athletic in the least growing up and as an adult it just isn’t appealing. Since being diagnosed with a chronic pain condition last year (that has lasted for 4 years total), I can’t do anything physical or athletic at all.

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Messes Worth the Memories

The older I get, the less exciting it is to put up the Christmas tree. Until, that is, I start unpacking the ornaments and see all of those memories come flooding back when I see tiny painted handprints, little picture frames with toothless smiling faces, odd creatures with feathers and sequins (reindeer?), and beaded wreaths on pipe cleaners that need a little reshaping each year.

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A Day Of Making Christmas Cookies

The Christmas season is upon us. Every year I set aside at least one entire day to baking. These cookies and sweet treats become gifts to others. They are for the people that I care about but don’t have a personal relationship with. This is my “thank you” to them.

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Keeping Travel Educational

Taking a roadtrip to visit Grandma doesn’t mean you have to put your child’s education on hold. Of course if you are a teacher at heart then you look for teaching opportunities in everyday situations anyways. You don’t stop being your child’s teacher when you walk out the door of your home. Whether it’s a short day trip or a week long excursion, you can {and probably already do!} keep your children engaged as you travel.

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Encouraging Imaginative Play

Deanne’s family followed a Charlotte Mason philosophy and her children loved to dress up and pretend to be character(s) from the books read in their studies. It was common to peer through the window to see “Davy Crockett” traipsing between trees or “Laura Ingalls” skipping along the path.

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