Whether you’re contemplating trying your first unit study or you’ve already completed more than you can count, whether you’re a homeschool newbie or a seasoned veteran, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten reasons to use unit studies in your homeschool – regardless of what it may look like!

Plus, here’s a free workshop video on Becoming a Unit Study PRO for those of you who want to design and make your own unit study.

Top Ten Reasons to Use Unit Studies

  1. You get to use real books, not just textbooks.
  2. You can teach multiple students – at different levels – all at the same time. Learning together strengthens family bonds.
  3. Flexibility! You choose what to study, how long you spend on the topic, and how deeply you study it.
  4. You can teach to your child’s/children’s interests.
  5. It streamlines your day. Just add math and language arts.
  6. Unit studies aren’t Common Core aligned.
  7. Your children will retain the knowledge they’ve gained better because they’ve learned it in context.
  8. They don’t break your budget. Purchase a study once, use with multiple children, and locate library and online resources for free.
  9. Children will learn how to use research tools and the library as you locate resources together.
  10. It turns learning into an adventure for your children – and you!

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Additional Contributor: Rachel Edgell

Originally posted on Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett