As summer is just getting started we have also begun to unwind from a busy year of homeschooling. We homeschool all year round, but we do slow down during the summer months. Mainly we do this so that the children can play outside and we can go on lots of field trips. I do not like to come to a screeching halt though. I want my children to stay in learning mode and continue to read throughout the summer.

We live in a very historic area and we utilize the wonderful attractions a lot. Every weekend we go to our downtown area and walk around and explore this vast amount of history there. It never gets old. Although my boys are only seven, five, and three, they know a lot about history and the city we live in. Just by going on walks and observing some of the “actors” and going into the buildings, they have become fascinated with the historical part of our country.

Another thing we do during the summer months is participate in our library‚Äôs summer reading program. We go once a week to the library for about 8 weeks. Each week they earn a badge (and sometimes a free book). At the end of the summer they will receive a free ice cream certificate to a local shop. They must read a certain amount of books and do an oral “book report” to the assistants at the library. It is a learning experience because it gets them talking to their older peers about books.

Although my children read to themselves (mostly picture books and the oldest can read smaller books), I like to read aloud to them. We choose several books to read aloud throughout the summer. We get a quilt and sit outside with popsicles while I read to them. We then go inside and draw pictures of the story I read to them and talk about what happened in the book. This is the “art” portion of our summer. Just drawing pictures and talking about them.

Taking it easy during the summer months gives the children time to refuel from a busy year of school. But, it also gives mama a little bit of relief as well. Homeschooling is such a blessing but it is hard work. Lots of planning and preparation and love go into educating your own children. Sometimes taking it easy can be a good thing to rejuvenate and refresh. It is a wonderful time for mama to read a great book as well. One that is about homeschooling, parenting, raising boys (like I am currently doing), or an Amish fiction.

Here are a few resources to check out to help you “take it easy” this summer: