Learning to read can cause frustration throughout a household and within family and friend circles.

When I first began working with Crockett, he was interested in reading, he soaked in the learning so he could read his favorite books. However, when Cowboy came along, reading was the last thing on his list!

Comparing is just human nature, but as homeschool moms become wiser through trial and error, we realize, each child has their own time clock, and pushing them will end badly!

I have spent many days in tears, then Cowboy has been in tears, until I decided to give it all up! Forget it! I can’t take it! I put away the books and just concentrated on playing with him and reading to him. Low and behold, when he was ready, he began reading words I never taught him, and excelling way beyond where I thought he would be!

I wanted to write this story because I met a mom the other day, new to homeschooling, and anxious about her journey ahead. She said she was concerned that her four year old boy was not reading like the other kids in their play group.

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