Do your kids love to read? Do they hate to read? Reading leads to the improvement of so many different skills, from spelling to grammar and even creativity and imagination. If your kids hate to read, don’t despair! there are ways you can make it more fun.

I actually have 3 children that don’t like to read. It’s weird for me, because I am such an avid reader! I just cannot understand HOW someone can dislike reading. But, 3 of my kids don’t. I think it’s my fault. The only difference between them and my 2 who love to read is that I read to my kids that love to read. When they were little, we would spend lots of time reading books together. Unfortunately, the more kids I had, the less time I had to do things like reading with them. I did read to them, just not often enough.

This leads me to my first tip: Read to your kids.

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