Shouldn’t all math be covered in chocolate to make it go down better? That is my theory and I’m sticking to it.

Last month I spoke at a homeschool support group about outdoor learning. I met many other moms with great ideas. Cheryl Bastian has been a pioneer for homeschooling here in Florida and has seven children from age 24 to 2. She writes books about math and how to incorporate everyday life alongside those skills. As her sample for the evening she had “skittles math”. Cheryl had the materials there for moms to make their own and take home.

Crockett and Cowboy are not too fond of Skittles, so I substituted M&M’s. This lesson is geared for Cowboy’s age, however Crockett never misses a review of material when it includes food.

We began by counting all M&M’s in each bag. Where there the same amount in each? YES.

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