Would you believe me if I told you after creating more than 30+ lapbooks with my children {I have lost track} that using lapbooks in our homeschool seemed like a turn off to us when we started homeschooling?

Today, using lapbooks as enrichment in our every day unit studies have kept them a delight and not overwhelming our day. My journey did not start off that way. I made three basic mistakes when I initially folded in (corny pun I know) lapbooks into our day.

If you are the non-crafty person and have been avoiding creating a lapbook with your kids, hopefully steering you clear of my mistakes will nudge you to try one or two.

I had to have an attitude adjustment first and I have to confess about it now. I knew that my kids were not the crafty loving (or so I thought) type of kids and I knew lapbooks were for those “other” homeschoolers. You know the ones who pine to do crafts all day.

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