My tip for the month for you as you begin to think about a new year of curriculum: Aim high, Settle for Less!

What, you ask?!?

Yep, that is it.

Take it from the mom who has homeschooled for over 18 years. And who over plans every. single. year.

I have a curriculum problem. Actually, the problem is not usually with the curriculum. The problem is there are too many great ones out there and not enough time or children to use them all. So what usually happens is that I over plan in my over-zealousness. I mean, why leave anything out?


Homeschooling gives you the freedom to do everything, but that does not mean you should do everything, as my wise daughter says.

She should probably say it more often, because it does seem to be a lesson I have to keep relearning year after year after year.

Unfortunately, no matter how great the stuff is, if it is just too much for any one child to handle and sends them running from the room in tears, just saying, it is not worth it.

So yes, you should aim high and look at all the wonderful choices, but then settle for less, knowing in the end it will be the best for everyone.

Starting stuff and not finishing it, especially when you have paid good money for it, is not wise. And while yes, sometimes you begin a curriculum that is just not a good fit and you need to move on, that is quite different than planning too much schoolwork for your child to ever be able to handle.

Be wise, be choosy, and allow your child to be a success!