Pumpkin pies, scenic car rides, and hot apple cider. These are what first come to mind when I hear the word, “fall.” Fall takes me back to my childhood reminding me of the times we would rake leaves in my backyard and jump into them off of our back deck. I’m also reminded of the local football games where we would sit in the cold bleachers all huddled up under one blanket as we cheered on the home team. Seasons invoke certain memories. We attribute specific smells, tastes and feelings towards these seasons. As we encourage our children in their writing, we want to teach them to capture these feelings as they write. Here are ten writing prompts to get them started.

What fall family traditions does your family have? (fall festivals, Thanksgiving at Grandma’s, etc). Which one is your favorite? Why?

Describe in detail three of your favorite fall smells.

If you could travel back in time to 1492 and sail with Columbus, what do you think the journey would have been like? Describe your feelings of seeing land while being out at sea so long.

Looking back over the past year, what three things are you most thankful for?

Fall time is harvest time for farmers. Pretend you are gathering in your crops for the year. What did you plant? How large did your vegetables grow?

List the American Indian tribes that were (or are) local to your area. Pick one to research. Describe their way of life. What did they eat? What type of homes did they live in?

You are given three large pumpkins, what will you make out them them? Think creatively.

You are driving past a forest of colorful trees. Describe this experience.

While on a hayride with friends, the tractor breaks down. What happens next?

Describe the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. What food will be prepared? Who will be there?