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Reevaluating your evaluations

The end of year is a signal for many homeschool households to either administer a standardized test or have their portfolio reviewed. But, how about an evaluation done by the parents of the previous school year itself?

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Education: what does that mean anyway?

To truly learn something requires working through four steps that can be described by using the acronym TEAM: Teach; Engage; Assess; and Master. These steps can be linear but often the teacher and student may cycle back on the different steps as needed.

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Test prep (assessment series, part three)

Standardized test taking is a skill and one worth practicing. During the school year, you can practice this skill by using the tests included with your curriculum. If you only use informal assessments in your home school, your student will not be prepared for the biggies like the ACT or SAT.

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STEM, STEAM, STREAM – Are you confused? You see these acronyms plastered everywhere. Not just on your educational materials, but on toys and kits and things that are supposed to be fun. So what does this all mean?

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Slow reading victory!

As a homeschool mom, I hear from a lot of parents about their children’s learning delays and how many times their local public school does not deal favorably with them. This also becomes their reason for homeschooling. And though homeschooling, these children grow and blossom.

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