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Keeping a gratitude journal

Keeping a “Gratitude Journal” doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy. You can use a plain notebook and a pencil. You can start off small. But, the point is to be positive and start thinking about the good things in your life.

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Delight-directed writing

Writing does not just come naturally. A child verbalizing their thoughts and communicating them through writing are two completely different things. As homeschooling parents, it might frustrate us to no end. How do we encourage the intimidated writer?

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Organizing your homeschool

Much like laundry, homeschool curriculum and supplies tend to multiply and take over space. Left unchecked, this “menace” can creep into your kitchen, dining room and has even been known to take over a bedroom or two. Here are some tips to tame the mess.

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What comes first?

As homeschool mamas, we have a ton of things pulling us in different directions. At times, we feel stressed, we feel overwhelmed, we feel inadequate, just like anyone else doing whatever work it is they do all day. So, what do you do to handle it all?

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