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Feeling Thankful in the Thriving

Lately I have been struggling with feelings of doubt and uncertainty. Am I doing enough with my children for homeschooling? Are they actually learning when I teach them new things? Will they ever grow in their character and have more discerning hearts? Am I doing enough with them? Will they ever really appreciate the sacrifices we have made to give them a great education?

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2 Easy Holiday Recipes

The holidays are in full swing. I have a few recipes that I only use this time of year. I wanted to share them with you. They are all easy and delicious. You can make these recipes any time of year though.

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Food Traditions of Christmas

It doesn’t matter where you live on the globe, food is central to celebrations. The food may look different from place to place and celebration to celebration, but the Christmas celebration has some great food traditions. In Mexico you might eat tamales – time-consuming to make, so always a treat for Christmas.

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Homeschooling Through the Holidays

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are drawing near and the excitement is growing. When you homeschool, that often means distracted kiddos and derailed lesson plans. Let’s face it, there is something about cold temps, warm fires, snow, and all things Christmas that can just pull at our attention. Not to mention decorations to put up and big feasts to plan, right?

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Favorite Christmas Books

Reading is a huge part of our homeschool. There are lots of days that consist of only reading books. It is my favorite part of homeschooling. My children have a love for reading as well. Since I have a nice sized home library, we choose books from our own shelves before going to the library. We do try to visit our local library at least once a month for additional books we are interested in reading.

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3 Festive Ways to Countdown to Christmas

Right around Thanksgiving time, I notice many stores pulling out all the stops with their Christmas displays. Some have been set up clear before Halloween, while others are just beginning to decorate. This is usually the time I see those tasty looking chocolate advent Calendars hitting the shelves. When the kids were little, I gave in and let them enjoy these treats as a countdown to Christmas – but now, as the family continues to grow, I have broken out of the box a bit.

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Our Holiday Homeschool Schedule

As the holidays are approaching, I begin to think about slowing down. I want to enjoy every single second of this amazing season. It seems so short and goes by so quickly. During this time of year I like to take some time off from our “normal” schooling schedule. I want my children to really understand the true meaning of Christmas and all Jesus did for us.

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Let’s Talk Turkey

Thanksgiving brings wonderful memories of sitting around the dining room table filling ourselves with turkey and all the fixings while conversation and laughter fill the air. This month, we want to highlight one of the stars of Thanksgiving – the turkey! Historically considered the main dish since the days of Pilgrims and Puritans, the bountiful turkey dinner is thought to be rooted in the late 18th century, especially after the Civil War.

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10 Fall Writing Prompts

Pumpkin pies, scenic car rides, and hot apple cider. These are what first come to mind when I hear the word, “fall.” Seasons invoke certain memories. We attribute specific smells, tastes and feelings towards these seasons. As we encourage our children in their writing, we want to teach them to capture these feelings as they write. Here are ten writing prompts to get them started.

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