Author: Zach Smith

Dad Saves the Day?

If I were to conduct a survey, asking my early elementary-aged kids to rate “school time with daddy” on a typical scale – with #1 being a kick-each-other-under-the-table-for-something-(anything)-to-do-to-escape-the-boredom and #10 being a call to arms to oust the current homeschool dictator (mom) in favor of a fresh, if virtually untested, educatorship – where would I fall?

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Stack the Deck Writing Program

To “stack the deck” is to arrange the deck of cards in your favor prior to the beginning of play – making it much easier to win the game. Translate that into a series of composition textbooks, and you can see the advantage of having someone “stack the deck” of English writing and composition skills in the student’s favor.

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