Author: Tracey L.

Transitioning from School to Homeschool

Removing children from regular school and homeschooling can be a tough road. It can depend on whether the children are keen to homeschool or whether it’s all mum and dad’s idea. Even the children who are on board with the change can struggle with it at times. It’s a big shift for everyone and I think it’s important to realise that there will be some uphill stretches.

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Liking Homeschooling

If you desire to be happy about homeschooling, look for the reason you believe homeschooling is the best thing or something that warms your heart about homeschooling. Don’t allow the negative or the tough to weigh in on the decision.

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Homeschooling is Not Easy

Too often homeschoolers overemphasise that anyone can homeschool, which is true, however in our enthusiasm we underplay the work involved in homeschooling, and I think this sets new homeschoolers up with unrealistic expectations, that could lead them to put their children back in school.

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