Author: Tina Robertson

Stop the Time Drains!

If a poll was taken about homeschoolers, you probably would consider yourself a system-bucking, high-spirited, think outside of the box independent thinker and oh by the way we are just average homeschool moms. Because we genuinely care about raising well-rounded children, we are constantly analyzing our homeschool approach, poring over how-to articles and are trying to think of creative ways to connect with more homeschoolers. We never want to be one of those homeschoolers. You know the ones that didn’t socialize our kids. The “art of socialization” is a never ending topic in the homeschool world. I am not...

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Making Each Day Count

Beginning the journey of a lifetime when starting to homeschool, we seem to have superhuman strength and a dogged determination. But then, each new year rolls around and we are faced with making each day count when homeschooling. It’s not the starting homeschooling that makes us feel defeated, but it’s the constant stopping and starting throughout the year that is sabotaging a school day. Some things are out of our control like a sick baby, a sick momma and sometimes dad’s crazy work schedule that throws us off our pace. Let’s not beat ourselves up over things that we...

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3 Traps to Avoid at Mid-Year

At the end of the year is not when most people probably want to talk about homeschooling mid-year. But when January rolls around, home and school can collide. Whether you have the itch to try a different approach or you are brand spanking new to homeschooling, there are 3 traps to avoid when home and school come together mid-year. Avoid I’m-behind-already anxiety. Without giving you a legal synopsis on who invented standards based learning, you have to adopt what standard you choose to live and educate by. The mentality that you are already behind from your beginning is self-defeating....

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What If I Choose the Wrong Curriculum?

What if I choose the wrong homeschool curriculum is at the top of the list of worries for new and seasoned homeschoolers alike. However, I think on the flip side of worry is getting a shipment of new homeschool curriculum. It can be one of the most pleasurable moments in homeschooling. Don’t you just love the smell of new books? It just feels like you have it all together now. But then, worry sets in. Will this be the right curriculum for my child? Will this year meet my expectations? We spend hours reading every catalog and website that...

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