Author: Tina Robertson

Get Organized!

The secret to getting organized for the new homeschool year in next to no time is preparation. Thinking now about long and short term storage options, you can set up a simple system that will save you precious time during the hectic pace of the new homeschool year. 1. Free cloud storage and portable devices. You may think it goes without saying, but storing as much as possible on free cloud storage or portable storage devices is a great reminder. Print off the list of your e books or what is in the cloud and keep it in your...

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Why Most Homeschool Curriculum Tips Are Useless

Choosing homeschool curriculum can be one of the most thrilling things about homeschooling and at the same time be nerve-racking. Getting ready to graduate my second homeschooler and using completely different curriculum with him than I did with Mr. Senior 2013, I have come to appreciate why most homeschool curriculum tips are useless. Don’t get me wrong. Having homeschooled from the beginning, I too have pored over volumes of books and blogs to discover that one piece of advice that will push me from reality to lightning striking revelation. It might sound a bit over dramatic but what is...

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7 Advantages to Starting in the Summer

When I started my homeschool year in the summer, we still enjoyed summer fun like outdoor barbecues with traditional tasty Texas beef brisket, swimming parties and some putt-putt golf. Did you know that it was not until my sons started high school that I started my homeschool year in the more traditional month of August? There are 7 advantages of starting your home school year in the summer for both seasoned and new homeschoolers. 1. Euphoric feeling of being ahead. When the first day of school is in August, it feels like a race from the beginning. Being able...

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Should We Give Grades?

Even though Mr. Senior 2013 went to public school for a very short time in Kindergarten, when I brought him home, he wanted grades on his paper. It made perfect sense to me because I was modeling a public school by grading papers. I thought grades were needed then. My thinking has changed and been tweaked quite a bit since my start up in homeschooling. I had to rethink the whole purpose of grades and grading. Why was I just following what public school did? Who were the grades for anyway? Mr. Senior 2013 was wanting some way to...

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20 Ideas for Bringing Writing Alive through Unit Studies

Whether we are teaching handwriting readiness to our younger kids or how to form a coherent paragraph with our middle school or high school kids, writing is an essential skill to communicating. Try explaining the value of this vital skill to a reluctant writer and normally the conversation just ends in moans and groans. Unit studies have been a way to curb the fear of the writing process and blank paper syndrome in our house. Today, in sharing 20 ideas for bringing writing alive through unit studies, I want to share ideas for writing assignments that not only make...

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