Author: Tina Robertson

How to Downsize Your Homeschool

It’s an incredible feeling to have all that you need to homeschool with in a backpack. That is what we learned as we flew back and forth between the states and South America. Like most families that embrace the homeschooling lifestyle, we love all of the things that we use for learning. However, things can turn to clutter and clutter can trigger stress. Today, in how to downsize your homeschool, I’m sharing 4 tips for owning less.

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5 Homeschool Trends that Keep On Going

One summer in high school for extra credit, I organized a fashion show by the senior class. Like a lot of high school teen girls in the ‘80s, studying about fashion trends was a topic I was eager to explore. However, the ‘80s fashion trends are now gone and I’m hoping that some of them like parachute pants and iron-on patches don’t return.

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