Author: Stacie S.

Tweaking The Well-Trained Mind

We useThe Well-Trained Mind as a guide in our homeschool, sort of like a spring board for advice, information and guidance through our homeschooling years. I appreciate the style of writing as though the authors and I are talking, mother to mother.

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Keeping Dad in Our Homeschooling

For most homeschooling families I know, it’s the mama who’s in the day-to-day trenches, juggling homeschooling with housework and diaper changes and attitude adjustments–sometimes the kids’ and sometimes her own. Here are the ways my husband is involved in our homeschool.

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Living Life on the Floor

How much time do you, as a mom, spend on your floor? Just thinking over my journey as a wife, mom, homemaker . . . and how much time I spend on the floor. . . Picking up toys Scrubbing dirt Sorting and organizing Cleaning spills Playing with blocks, cars, and trucks Finding socks and shoes under the couch Foot rubs after a hard day’s work Reading stories… Read the Full Article on No Idle...

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