Author: Sharon Jeffus

Sculptures and Form (Art Through the Year Season 2 Episode 6)

In this lesson, we will study the element of art, form—objects having three dimensions. Form is very important in sculptures, since they have depth as well as width and height. In this lesson’s project, we’ll use the elements of art, shape and form to create a sculpture of Pinocchio. First, we’ll draw a preliminary sketch of the shapes and then create the forms in clay.

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Jungle Fun in Art (Art Through the Year Season 2 Episode 5)

In this lesson, we will study jungles and one of their beautiful inhabitants—monkeys. So far in this series, we’ve studied the elements of art: line, shape, texture and color. We will introduce the next element of art in this lesson: value. First, we’ll look at jungle paintings by master artist Henri Rousseau, and learn how he interpreted their values of color.

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Rabbits in Art (Art Through the Year Season 2 Episode 3)

In this lesson, we are going to study rabbits—a precious subject in art. Using the elements of art, line and shape, we’ll define the structure of rabbits, but most important in this lesson, we’ll cover texture, another element of art. First, we’ll look at paintings by master artists and learn how they interpreted rabbits in nature. Then we’ll use the elements of art to create our own pictures.

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