Author: Sara Carothers

Song School Spanish

Parents often worry about having to teach a language they don’t speak. Never fear — Songschool Spanish is here! Classical Academic Press continues its tradition of providing quality, audio-based foreign language instruction with its Spanish offering.

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The Art-Full Day

Art is an amazingly versatile subject area, and homeschool consultant Sara Rask is here to show you all about it! Did you ever realize how easy it can be to integrate art into your core subjects like math, language arts, or even science?

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Opening the Window to Foreign Language

Almost every homeschooling mom wants her children to have some kind of exposure to a foreign language… But unless you’re bilingual yourself, teaching it can be a whole different matter. Thankfully, there are a bunch of really great curriculum options available to you.

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Creating a Learning Environment in Your Home

Creating a space for learning is a bit like decorating your kids’ rooms when they are little; there are things you have to have and others you just want in there. You choose a theme and colors and have fun shopping along those lines, and then the child grows out of all that cute. Toys seem to take over and they come up with a favorite color that seems to be everywhere. With a little thought and design inspiration, you can create a space that grows with your child and fits in with the rest of your house. Whether...

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