Author: Sara Carothers

Play Ball!

If you are on a break or taking advantage of a lighter schedule but want to sneak in some academics, games are a fantastic way to do this! Even if you are in the full swing of lessons, games can give the kids a feeling of summertime fun-time. Here are some ideas you may not know were out there!

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Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

January at RRC is a time when people call us with questions about next fall. The “planners” are out in force, probably preparing for attending a homeschool convention this spring. They will have materials ordered by June 1st and relax for a bit before starting lessons again in August. Ahhh, to live in a perfect world! How else are you going to ensure that your 1st grader will get at least a 30 on his ACT if you don’t lay the groundwork now? Although dads like mine love to say things like “Prior planning prevents poor performance,” I’ve learned...

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A Little Something Up My Sleeve

Hopefully you are in the groove of your new school year and things are falling into place. Those bumps of getting started have smoothed out and you are on a nice roll. Until your student lets you know that the “routine” is getting a little, well, routine.

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