Author: Sara Carothers

Messes Worth the Memories

The older I get, the less exciting it is to put up the Christmas tree. Until, that is, I start unpacking the ornaments and see all of those memories come flooding back when I see tiny painted handprints, little picture frames with toothless smiling faces, odd creatures with feathers and sequins (reindeer?), and beaded wreaths on pipe cleaners that need a little reshaping each year.

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Beyond the “Biggies”

Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies are the four core subjects to cover every school year. Let’s call them the “biggies” as in BIG, as in stuff you have to do. They require careful curriculum selection and your full planning attention as you begin the new season. Then there are the others: fine arts, enrichment, sports, foreign languages and other electives.

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Switching Up Your Summer School

What’s the best part of being a classroom teacher? June, July and August. So goes the old joke about teaching. There are many homeschoolers who follow the public school schedule from August-ish to May-something, but there are also those who school year round.

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Itchin’ to Grow…

In central Illinois, our local farmers have been busy planting with their tractors and equipment. Around our office you hear talk of trying new vegetables and there are more than a couple seed catalogs in the lunchroom. It seems everyone is “itchin’ to grow” something, and planting season is a perfect time to take advantage of a learning opportunity with your children.

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