Author: Ruth T.

Teacher Reboot: Retreat! [Part 2]

Are you driving full force into your school year? Don’t take the GPS approach! Hit the brakes, stop “at the side of the road” and look back! Why look back when you want to move forward? Well, how do you know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been?

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Teacher Roboot [Part 1]

Hey there home school moms! I know some of you out there have closed the door on the last school year and have started opening the one to the new. Sometimes we just close the door on the previous year and never return.

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Small Talk

Subtitled, How to Develop Your Child’s Language Skills from Birth to Age Four. There are some books that I call “theoretically practical”: they provide you a wealth of hands-on application backed up with lots of theory, research and support. Small Talk gets a high rating in this category.

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