Author: Mindy Brouse

Philosophies of Education

The best piece of advice I ever received at the beginning of my homeschooling journey was to decide my philosophy of education before buying a single curriculum item. That has proven to be incredibly helpful (and money saving like you wouldn’t believe) because there is a veritable smorgasbord of curriculum out there.

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“I Wish I Could Afford to Stay at Home”

I have always wanted to be a mother and knew that I would stay home with my children, if I was blessed to have any. I don’t remember ever getting any direct teaching on that. After I became a Christian and grew in the knowledge of God’s Word, I was even more committed. It surprised me that others felt differently, actually.

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When You Drop the Ball

Homeschoolers (and moms in general, really) aren’t perfect. We drop the ball, just like everyone else. Sadly, some homeschoolers (and moms, for that matter!) believe the following lies.

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Olympics and Russia: Fun & Memorable Learning

We love watching the Olympics. We aren’t an athletic family or anything. We don’t compete in anything (unless you count the who can ignore the empty toilet paper roll the longest). We just love cheering for Olympians. Most American ones, but not only. We are going to do a few crafts and activities to enhance our Olympic experience. All the way across the world from Sochi, Russia, here in New Mexico. Our focus will fluctuate between learning about Russia and learning about the Olympics in general. I’d love to know if you are doing anything and what it is....

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