Author: Mindy Brouse

Homework in Homeschool?

It’s a common question, “What about homework?” Another way people ask, “Do your kids have homework?” Here’s the deal: it’s all homework. I don’t mean that snarky. What I mean is that the goals of homework are accomplished during the day.

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Just Starting to Homeschool

If you are just starting the homeschooling journey for the year (no matter what that means for you), I have some tips that will help you. If your children have previously been in public (or private) school, there are a few tips specifically for you.

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Please Invent These Items

I have more than a few ideas of products I’d like to market somehow. Others, I just want someone else to create for me. How about you? Are you a go getter with an entrepreneurial spirit? I’m in the market for the following items… First up, the Parent/Kid Comm.

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