Author: Mindy Brouse

Super Chore System!

Another homeschooling mom showed me a chore system she has been using with her kiddos for years (she has 9) and I was motivated to look into it. Why? Her home is in order. My home and kiddos… well, let’s just say that I was frustrated.

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Be A Fun Mom

I used to be a really fun mom. Then I got really busy with schooling and keeping a home for more than a couple of kids. Seriously. It took me awhile to realize I had stopped doing the fun stuff.

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Outside Our Comfort Zones

Homeschooling is our way of life, but that doesn’t mean we do all our learning at home. It also doesn’t mean I do all the teaching. What it does mean is that home is the central part of the hub of my children’s education.

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