Author: Michele Pleasants

Summer Spanish

Just for the record, no, we are not fluent in foreign languages.  But we try to be familiar at least.  In our case, with Spanish, as our youngest child was born in Guatemala.  Not only do I feel strongly that he should at least be familiar with his native language, I feel even more strongly that we should ALL be well versed in another language.

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Planning Ahead

For homeschoolers it often seems that just as one year ends, you are already gearing up for the next year to begin.  Ok, for most of us, we have been planning ahead for months, but we don’t admit that in public.  It is a disease, I tell you!

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I See the End!

Who decided that the school year should be so long? Really, I would like to know so I can have a chat with them. There just seems to be something wrong about checking weeks off a calendar to determine if your child has learned enough for the year. Whose great idea was that?

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Beyond Blessings

With our official homeschooling year coming to an end soon, I once again find myself thinking back on our year. What the kids have learned, yes, but more importantly what I have learned. Each year as we pray about decisions for our upcoming school year, I like to evaluate what we have done as well as WHY we have done it.

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