Author: Michele Pleasants

Encouragement 101

Can I just take the liberty of addressing ALL the moms out there?  After all, we are moms first and teachers second. Days can be hard, life has troubles.  None of us, no NONE of us, have it easy.  Just because you may not see it does not mean that others are not dealing with “stuff.” We all have STUFF! So here is my simple encouragement to you.

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Planning 101

You have poured over catalogs and waded the seas of vendors at the homeschool conferences. You have sweated out the decisions, but have finally decided! Now that you have chosen the curriculum, what’s next?

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Let’s talk a little bit about traditions. But let me first start with a little confession. I am not big into traditions. At all. Call me lazy or just a bad mom, but we tend to change things around a lot and don’t adhere to many traditions. But there are some fun ones out there for homeschooling and IF I was going to be inspired here’s what I would do.

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When You Feel Like You Failed

Let’s just be honest.  Sometimes things in our lives do not look like what we thought they would.  Or should.  Plans get derailed, our time is needed somewhere else, people change, emergencies arise – things just happen.

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