Author: Michele Pleasants

Schooling While Dad’s Away

Let’s face it. If you took a poll of the homeschoolers out there, most would say that the majority are being taught by their moms. Makes sense really, as in a “typical” family, dad is the one who goes off each day to earn a living. But what about the “non-typical” families?

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Sabbath Week Schooling

Did you know that every homeschool schedule looks different? Really. There are no right or wrong ways to homeschool as long as you are following the laws of the particular state you reside in. I know people who unschool, those who school classically, and some that love unit studies. I know families that love textbooks and some that have never cracked open a textbook in their lives. And believe it or not, we have done a little of all of that to some degree through the years. When you have been homeschooling for over 16 years, you tend to...

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Ready, Set, Go?

Ready to start homeschooling your child…but still unsure? You have all of the books and workbooks. You have all of the supplies and even a cute little area set up to school in. You even have the date circled on your calendar.

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Me, Organized?

You have ordered the books, bought the supplies, more than you need of course, and even dreamed of what the first day of school will look like. But organized. Well, maybe not so much. THIS is something I can help you with. I love organized. I dream organized. So here we go! 1 – Streamline. This means don’t buy every supply in Target and Walmart just because it is there and on sale. And oh so cute. I know, I know, it is so hard to resist those office supplies. I get it. But we DO NOT need them...

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9 Debunked Excuses

I have been doing this for a long time, this homeschooling thing. It has had its ups and downs, but it has been worth the ride. And trust me, sometimes the ride was not easy. It was bumpy, and winding and often mismarked. But it is what God has called OUR FAMILY to do. And while I do not argue that homeschooling is for everyone, I do get tired of all the reasons people list for why they do NOT homeschool. Because the excuses? I have heard them all. And frankly, they are weak. 1. I don’t have enough...

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