Author: Lisa Keva

Why we homeschool

The main reason why we continue to homeschool has not changed in 14 years. It is to allow our children to learn at their own pace without holding them back OR ostracizing them for weak areas. To be able to spend extra time and effort in subjects that need work and to launch them in areas of strength.

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Slow reading victory!

As a homeschool mom, I hear from a lot of parents about their children’s learning delays and how many times their local public school does not deal favorably with them. This also becomes their reason for homeschooling. And though homeschooling, these children grow and blossom.

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Scriptures for the homeschool mom

I take great care in planning our homeschool. However, my careful preparation to schedule our school work so that not one part of the year would flip-flop us face down failed. We were having those knock-down, drag out, mind-bending, head-twirling, stop-the-world I need my Jesus” kind of stress filled days.

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My child just turned 18. Now what?

Your child just turned 18. Congratulations to you and your offspring on making it through to adulthood! So, now that they are 18, you’re done. Right? Well, no. Like many parents upon the eve of the birth of their child, looks far out into the future and envisions the day of impending adulthood.

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