Author: Lisa Keva

Computer Usage in Your Homeschool

A home computer is a double edged sword. While there are opportunities for learning, there’s equal opportunities for “brain drain”. When people find out we homeschool, the most commonly asked question is whether or not we use the computer /online curriculum for our schooling.

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Character Over Progress

As homeschool moms, it’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing your child’s progress to another. I’m no exception. One day, it had been brought to my attention that I have a child that isn’t perfect.

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Affording Your Homeschool

As you wind down the school year and begin to make plans for the next, I want to encourage you to pause and take precious time to weigh the costs of your activities, relationships and associations. Everything has a cost. Everything we do, every activity we join and even every relationship we keep has a cost.

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