Author: Lisa Keva

Amazing Life Lessons from a Math Book

Perhaps you’ve heard the following complaints during your homeschool day: “I don’t get it!” “The guy makes no sense!” “No matter how much I watch the DVD, I just don’t get it.” So, breaking from tradition, I allowed my childs’ protest over our long-time, trust-worthy math program to get to me.

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Wanted: Fun Homeschool Mom

In the homeschool journey, I bump into many different types of moms. The On Track Mom, The Running 15 Minutes Late Mom, The Stressed Out Mom and so on. However, the one that seems to be the most sought after is the Fun Homeschool Mom. This is the Mom who packs her family’s week full of fun and adventure. Who changes plans for a last minute field trip without blinking. Her children have rich experiences and ever changing days. I know that Mom. I used to be THAT Mom. Looking back several years, things changed.  Rather I should say,...

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