Author: Lisa Keva

Do You Date Your Children?

Many parents equate loving their children with quality time. In actuality, children equate love WITH time, so, quality AND quantity time fills their love tanks. It isn’t possible to fulfill that need to the brim everyday. But it is helpful to your relationship with each of your children to carve out some purposeful one on one time.

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The Perfect Homeschool Day

Everyone has their own ideal of perfection. Homeschool Moms are no exception! Whether it’s a spotless room dedicated to school or a hands-on project that captivates our child’s attention for hours, we all search for it.

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Seasons: Fall

It’s autumn and there’s the smell of cinnamon, nutmeg, apple and pumpkin everything. Beautiful, bountiful, colored leaves greet the eyes and crisp cool air lends itself to building leaf piles, and leaf pile jumping!

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Studying Geography in the Context of History

There are dozens of choices on the market. My favorite way to teach Geography is in the context of History or Literature. The reason is simple, not only will combining Geography study with History or Literature will save you time and aggravation. It’ll make the lesson that much memorable as more connections are made in the brain.

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