Author: Lee Binz

Goof-Proof Fall

You’ve bought all sorts of awesome curriculum. You are planning to use it all this fall, right? But when you look at the stack of resources, it can be completely overwhelming. What now?

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3 Steps for Spring of Junior Year

If you have a high school junior, listen up! College admission success often boils down to what you accomplish during junior year. It seems so early to begin thinking about college when your child is in 10th grade, but it’s the key to getting great scholarships.

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How to Attend Outside Classes

How do you attend outside classes and demonstrate that you are well educated and well socialized? Do you want to take a class at public high school or community college, but you are afraid of what the teachers think about homeschoolers? Let me explain the problem.

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10 Ways to Create Technology Boundaries

How do you determine appropriate technology boundaries that work for you and your family? You have 10 ways to create boundaries that will work at any age. It’s very important to find technology boundaries with children of all ages, so they can have a healthy, happy childhood and grow into healthy, happy young adults!

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