Author: Kristy Jensen

Homeschool recreation

I am probably the last person to teach anything physical to my children at all. I was not athletic in the least growing up and as an adult it just isn’t appealing. Since being diagnosed with a chronic pain condition last year (that has lasted for 4 years total), I can’t do anything physical or athletic at all.

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Field trip journaling

Usually during our summer “break” (we school all year but take off from doing too much) I sit down and plan a few field trips. Then, in September our homeschool co-op adds a few in as well. I am part of a group now that does three field trips a month.

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Choosing The Good Portion

Are you choosing the “good portion” in your homeschool? Are you doing the “one thing” that is necessary? So many things distract us from God. A busy schedule, a never-ending to-do list, children who misbehave, too much to do in our homeschool each day.

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A Spirit-Filled Homeschool

Home. It can mean lots of things to everyone. For me, it means love, peace, safety, refuge, and learning. Since my family does just about everything at home, it is important to keep my home filled with Godly things. I especially want our homeschool to be pleasing to God.

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Dating My Sons

If you would have told me 10 years ago I would be the mother of three boys, I would have laughed. Not in a silly way, but in a shocked way. Like, there is NO way that would happen. I was always very “prissy” (as my mom says) and never played in dirt or with bugs or slithery animals. Eww!

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