Author: Kristy Jensen

What Happens When Mom Is Sick?

This week has been a very tough week. I came down with a terrible cold that lead into many other health issues. I didn’t get out of bed for three days. I can honestly say I have never been so sick. My husband can’t always stay home, so what do I do when we still have homeschooling to get done?

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Creating a Morning Basket – Part 3 – Read Aloud Time

So far in our “Creating A Morning Basket Series” we have covered: Bible Time and Hymn Study. Both of those topics are important in my homeschool because the Bible forms the very foundation of why we chose to homeschool. Hymn Study gives my children an appreciation for older songs that sing of Jesus and His wonderful ways.

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Creating a Morning Basket – Part 2 – Hymn Study

In this second installment of the Creating A Morning Basket Series, we will be discussing Hymn Study. Hymns are an important part of my family’s homeschool journey. We find it very crucial to learn old hymns and the stories behind them. We also study the author and their life. Too many churches are falling away from singing the old hymns and many people don’t even know some of the popular ones.

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Character Building For Children

Character traits is one of the most important subjects my children will ever learn. Everything from kindness to compassion, gentleness to cheerfulness, truthfulness to hospitality. There are so many character traits to learn that I simply cannot name them all.

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