Author: Kristy Jensen

Character Building For Children

Character traits is one of the most important subjects my children will ever learn. Everything from kindness to compassion, gentleness to cheerfulness, truthfulness to hospitality. There are so many character traits to learn that I simply cannot name them all.

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Learning to Love Chores With Littles

Taking care of the home is a huge responsibility. It is even greater when you have lots of “littles” running around. By littles I mean children who are all very young. My oldest is seven and I still consider him in that category, although he would beg to differ. But, when children are young they don’t understand orderliness and cleanliness. Parents much teach these things and instill them in their hearts and minds.

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Afternoon Tea Time

I have always enjoyed a cup of hot tea. My favorite tea is Earl Grey with two squares of sugar. It makes me feel warm and old fashioned. I use real tea cups that my mom gave to me with the saucers and tiny tea spoons to stir in the sugar. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but having an afternoon tea time is a way to unwind and get back to the basics of life.

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Homeschooling All Boys

I never thought I would have ALL boys. I am the middle of three girls, although there were three younger brothers (I come from a blended family on both sides). I had no idea what to do with boys. I grew up thinking they were “icky and weird”.

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