Author: Kris Bales

Be Prepared for the Nay-Sayers

If you’ve told anyone that you’re planning to homeschool, you’ve probably already met the naysayers, those folks who want to tell you what a horrible decision you’re making and how you’re going to ruin your kids. Now, I will say, if the people who are voicing their concerns are people you love and care about, who love and care about your kids – your parents, your siblings, or even your spouse (because the two of you definitely need to be on the same page) – listen, honestly and with an open mind, to what they are saying and be...

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8 Tips for Quick and Easy Meal Planning

Did you know that eating meals together as a family can make your kids smarter? According to a newsletter from Rutgers, studies have shown that family mealtimes can increase kids’ vocabulary, creating better readers. Family meals may make kids smarter, but planning and preparing them can send busy homeschool moms into stress overload. That’s where a well-planned menu can save the day. Try my 8 meal planning tips to make family meal times something your entire family – including you – can enjoy. Pick a country Most weeks I try to make sure I’ve included one Mexican and one...

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How to Plan Now for Year Round Homeschooling

I know most of you have just finished the last school year and haven’t even fully immersed yourself in summer vacation yet. For that matter, many of you may still be working to wrap up your school year. However, I often have people ask me about year round homeschooling and, well, now is the time to start planning for it if you’re not already year round homeschoolers I should probably first offer the disclaimer that although we’ve successfully homeschooled year round for several years now and love it and often sing the praises of the benefits of year round...

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Get a Head Start on Planning for Next Year

I confess, I’m not quite ready to start planning for our next school year – of course, since we’re trying year round schooling this year and starting the second week of July, I’m going to have to think about it soon. know some of you school year round and have already started, but others probably aren’t starting until August or September. If you’ve got a couple of months before you start your next school year, it’s not too early to get a head start on planning. You don’t have to do any heavy-duty planning yet, but there are four...

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Dirty Windows and the Truth About Comparing

Last week a friend messaged me, saying, “I just can’t keep up with the housework. I don’t dare tell you the last time I washed windows and I’m behind on the bathrooms. How do you do it?” I wondered if she’d made a mistake. Clearly she’d intended to message someone who has it all together – or someone with clean windows and bathrooms. Neither of those describe me. Not on a regular basis, at least. “You’re supposed to wash the windows?” I asked. “You think I’m kidding, but I never do that, and I pay my girls to clean...

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