Author: Janice Price

Games to Enhance Learning

Games can be valuable in your homeschool. For: skills reinforcement, concept introduction, fact acquisition and memorization, thinking skills development not to mention physical dexterity, paying attention, learning to wait your turn, and fun!

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A Philosophy of Education

Many times as new homeschoolers or even as not-so-new-homeschoolers we’re encouraged to develop a personal philosophy of home education. That sounds a little scary, doesn’t it? But really, all it means is that you’ve thought through some very basic factors that define your home school and that will impact your homeschooling curriculum choices.

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Math Wars

Is math a war zone in your homeschool? Or are your children a casualty of the latest math education trends in the public schools? Sequential? Spiral? American? Asian? And what about manipulatives? Choosing math curriculum seems so complicated. But a look at the “battlefield” through the lenses of Rainbow’s FAMILY factors will bring clarity. In this video, Rainbow Resource homeschool consultant Janice Price starts with an overview of the history of math education in the US, continues with a look at what needs to be learned when, and concludes with a comparative look at many popular math programs. Downloads:...

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Level-Headed Language Arts

Language Arts. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But when you realize that it includes English, grammar, writing, spelling, literature, phonics, penmanship… It gets complicated so quickly. But what if it could be thought of as a beautiful woven rug instead of a plate of spaghetti?

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