Author: Janice Price

Biblioplan for Families

The name BiblioPlan is still synonymous with classical chronological world history but what is available now is a full-bodied, full-color curriculum rather than a framework. It’s comprehensive and thorough while providing ease of use and minimum teacher prep.

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Keeping It Super Simple

We start homeschooling with a vision, don’t we? Maybe it isn’t exactly like the Do Re Me scene in Sound of Music but it’s probably veering in that direction. How many days? – hours? – minutes? does it take for us to recognize that our reality is going to look much different?

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Curriculum Is Your Servant

Curriculum should be your servant. You are not its slave. You might have heard it from Ruth Beechick; or from Debbie Strayer. And undoubtedly many others have given voice to this very basic counsel. And yet, when we first pull out that teacher’s manual, it’s the first thing we forget.

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