Author: Janice Price

Exploring World History

Studying world history alongside world literature has always made sense to me. Evidently it makes sense to the Notgrass family as well, because they’ve developed a well-organized curriculum that integrates these two subjects and adds a solid Bible component.

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Celebrate the Days of Snow

“Go out and run around the house.” It’s my usual prescription for getting the wiggles out – one circuit around for each year of age. The result is typically three kids – slightly winded – who are ready to settle down and get back to school work.

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Exploring Economics

Like the other homeschool-friendly curricula published by the Notgrass family, Exploring Economics provides careful integration of biblical study and worldview with broad-based coverage of the topic – this time, economics.

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Take A Stand! History

It’s history – and beyond! Starting where most courses leave off (with the data), Take a Stand! seeks to teach students how to start with one of the many debatable questions from history, gather information/data, analyze it, think about it critically, formulate an opinion, and be prepared and skilled at stating and defending it coherently.

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