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My daughter asked me to get some Stikki Clips. This took me back to the “good old days.” They were one of the organizational items in my homeschool classroom. I used them to post all sorts of miscellaneous items – on my desk or the fridge or the walls.

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Games for Get-Togethers

What sounds fill your holidays? The rattling clatter of dice being rolled? The noisy hubbub and authoritative scripting of a new game being set up? The gentle whirrrr-thump of a deck of cards being shuffled?

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Choosing Curriculum the FAMILY Way

Choosing Curriculum the FAMILY Way describes six key factors in choosing curriculum that meet the needs of the student, teacher, and family alike. This refreshing perspective on choosing curriculum creates a solid stepping stone for those venturing in to their own uncharted waters of educating their children.

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Exploring Government

Like the other Notgrass high school courses, Exploring Government is a well-constructed course with a strong underlying biblical and Christian worldview. Written with the three-fold purpose of educating, inspiring, and (sometimes) warning, there is an emphasis on the biblical basis for government and on understanding the U.S. Constitution. The one semester (1/2 credit) course of 75 lessons is organized into four Parts divided into 15 (weekly) Units. Part 1 provides background information to the formation of American government – the history and development of the idea of government – as well as the aforementioned biblical basis along with a...

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