Author: Janice Price

Reading Lessons Through Literature

What does a busy homeschooling mom of several children want when it comes to teaching reading? How about a . . . 1). Pick-up-and-go. 2). Strong, phonics-based instruction. 3). Reasonable price. 4). A focus on the beginning reader. 5). Lists of spelling words. 6). An easy-to-find set of stories to read.

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When Reading Becomes Literature

Somewhere between first grade phonics and high school graduation, reading becomes “literature.” No one would seriously contend that “Dot had a dog. The dog is Mag.” is literature and no one would dispute that To Kill a Mockingbird is anything less.

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The Well-Planned Day

Are you like me? Color and beauty make me happy. A well-organized, common-sensible planner makes me want to plan. When both are wrapped up into one user-friendly, cheerful, full-of-extras package, I’m ready to grab my pen!

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