Author: Janice Price

You can now move that tassel

Congratulations! How many of us have uttered that word this spring as we shook the hand of some well-deserving young person? High school graduation is ubiquitous. It happens all across the country; in small towns as well as in high schools as large as many small towns. For students, it’s a time to pause and bask in the attention before they turn their eyes toward the next phase of their life.

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Taking Inventory

In our home schools, we need to have a periodic assessment time. I’m not talking about counting the number of crayons or pencils you have. I’m talking about taking a good, hard look at what you’ve accomplished, how well you’re progressing toward your goals, and what your next steps will be.

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Language Arts – a Lovely Tapestry

It’s not surprising we feel overwhelmed by language arts curriculum. We talk about the core subjects and we tend to say “language arts” and to some extent we all know what is meant by that. But take a quick look at our website or our catalog and all of a sudden the waters seem much muddier.

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