Author: Janice Campbell

The Education of the Founding Fathers

I’ve been thinking lately about what is essential in education, and in honor of Independence Day, thought it might be interesting to take a look at the education of America’s founding fathers. What did they read that created minds attuned to freedom and the communication skills to impart the vision?

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How to Memorize

One of the aggravating things about memory is that it is indiscriminate about what it gathers. Annoying advertising jingles, strange lines from old pop songs , and random bits from first grade folk songs, all stick.

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How to Fit Art and Music into Your Homeschool

During our homeschooling years, one of my favorite parts of the year was early summer when we could take a break and I could plan curriculum for the next school year. I’d lovingly gather everything we needed for a fascinating year, then start trying to create a schedule in which we could use it all.

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