Author: Holly Giles

The Joy of Self Directed Summer Nature Study

We love nature study, but sometimes planning it seems to take the joy out of spontaneous interests in the out-of-doors. Although my boys love a good show from the hawks out back or a new bird that shows up, they can balk at a scheduled time to go sit and draw what they see in nature. So I gave up! What happened next was quite interesting. I made sure the bird books and binoculars were in close range to the back door, and I filled a nature tote with paper, colored pencils and crayons. I kept it on an...

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Reading Around the Farm

Learning to read can cause frustration throughout a household and within family and friend circles. When I first began working with Crockett, he was interested in reading, he soaked in the learning so he could read his favorite books. However, when Cowboy came along, reading was the last thing on his list! Comparing is just human nature, but as homeschool moms become wiser through trial and error, we realize, each child has their own time clock, and pushing them will end badly! I have spent many days in tears, then Cowboy has been in tears, until I decided to...

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Chocolate Covered Math

Shouldn’t all math be covered in chocolate to make it go down better? That is my theory and I’m sticking to it. Last month I spoke at a homeschool support group about outdoor learning. I met many other moms with great ideas. Cheryl Bastian has been a pioneer for homeschooling here in Florida and has seven children from age 24 to 2. She writes books about math and how to incorporate everyday life alongside those skills. As her sample for the evening she had “skittles math”. Cheryl had the materials there for moms to make their own and take...

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Glorious Chore Charts for Kids

I don’t know about you, but our chore charts seem to eventually fall by the wayside. I have a collection of failed attempts at cleanliness in our home. Posters in the kitchen, pebbles on the counter, papers taped in the hallway. We start strong, and then no one looks at them anymore. Even though the boys do mostly the same jobs everyday and weekly. They seem to forget how to do it and need constant reminders. Last week I decided to make one last ditch effort to make a glorious chart that would WORK! I got on pinterest and...

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