Author: Heather Vogler

Enjoying your toddler

Just as we returned from a Sunday afternoon drive through our mountainous backroads, our family was able to enjoy the sunset as we pulled into our driveway. The scene was peaceful, serene and well, perfect. My husband grabbed the sleeping baby, attempting to transport him to his crib without waking him.

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Recharge your batteries

Maybe the kids are done with their math curriculum. Done as in, they refuse to put any effort into it no matter how hard you try. Or, it’s possible you have a special needs child and have yet to figure out how to effectively teach them. Of course, you could be that mom who is just having one of those days. Or months. Or years.

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Our Homeschool Day

Even if I don’t get to everything in my homeschool day, I like to have a plan. This year, I bought each of my children, ages six through nine a day planner. Each week, I write out the lessons that they will be doing so they have a visual reminder of what they are supposed to accomplish each day.

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A Lost Cause

I’ve been accused of being old-fashioned. No shame here, I’ll wear the title proudly. Of course, change happens and life goes on. Smartphones have replaced corded wall phones. Computers have replaced the card catalog and the GPS has eliminated the need for fold up maps neatly stacked in your glove compartment.

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Igniting Productivity

When children sit down with pen and paper in hand after a school break; Christmas, summer, or the like, and they are encouraged to write a few paragraphs about what they did during their vacation, what will they say?

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