Author: Heather Vogler

If in Doubt, Wait!

I know when I see other homeschool families pins on Pinterest and photos on their blog I get excited. “Wow, that looks fun,” “I could do that!” “That would fit perfectly in our homeschool!” Then, reality hits. The price tag.

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Family Gardening

Summer’s end is fast approaching! If you have a garden, chances are that you’re enjoying a bountiful harvest by now. Have you ever considered how your garden could not only nourish your family’s bodies, but also their character? Heather shares how her family has done this.

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Teaching Preschoolers Science

When I was a preschool teacher I made it a point to have a “science center” set up in the classroom. Plants growing by the window, pictures of jungle animals hanging from the ceiling and a microscope. The resources were available but with only a few hours a week with the children, there was only so much science we could get in.

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Homeschool Essentials: Support

If you’ve taken the step to homeschool, whether one child or all, then you’ve probably stood out from the rest of the crowd, at least a little. There will be skeptics, critics and those who are “concerned” about the welfare of your children. So what do we do?

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