Author: Heather Vogler

Learning Everyday

My daughter and I made four dozen peanut butter chocolate balls this weekend. She had an order for two dozen and we decided to get ahead of the game and make four. Rather than separating education from our time in the kitchen, I used this opportunity to teach her math. And science.

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Curbing Picky Eaters

We recently visited a Chinese friend’s home and were welcomed with a fabulous, authentic meal. The ingredients were fresh, organic and traditionally Chinese. I was shocked when my children quickly picked up their chopsticks and dug in. Dumplings, noodles, pork, hot tea (on a 95 degree day in no air conditioning) and spicy veggies were all consumed with no complaint.

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Taming the Ink Beast

Have you ever found the perfect online printable only to remember you are almost out of ink? Your printer technically still works and you know that the “low ink” warning will give you a few more decent pages. You cross your fingers. Page one works, sigh. Page two starts to go fuzzy and then it happens, the ink is gone.

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Spelling Success: It is Possible!

Parents of homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers alike agree that spelling is a tricky subject. Many parents I talk to cringe when I bring up the subject. The only advice that I have to offer in this area is that slow and steady wins the race. Spelling is one of those subjects that you just need to keep on practicing and when you think your child has practiced enough, have them practice some more.

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