Author: Heather Vogler

Helping Your Children in Their Valleys

Bickering, quarrelling and competition. I would love to say that we don’t deal with these issues in our homeschool – but I would be lying. When I think of other homeschoolers I imagine that these don’t exist for them, ever. Sometimes I can get to the place where I am tempted to believe that I am the only one.

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City Mouse Country Mouse

When the city mouse visited his cousin in the country, he thought for certain that his cousin would adore the luxurious life of the city, so much more. When you are used to one way of life, it is hard to appreciate another.

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3 Practical Pets for Kids

“Can I have a horse?” Most young girls have asked their parents this question with hopes held high. I’d love to surprise my little girl with a horse one day. One she can ride in our woods. A horse that she can train to jump, trot, canter and gallop. One that she can show in local competitions. Of course, every time I even slightly consider the idea, I am reminded by my husband who grew up with horses, of the continual cost of vet bills, feed, and upkeep.

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