Author: Heather Vogler

Homeschooling Multiple Children

Like many parents, I went full force when it came to homeschooling my first child. When the second one came into the picture, the challenge was learning how to properly divide my attention between them while being sure they were both effectively learning. Can I successfully teach multiple children of differing ages?

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Winter Boredom Busters

We have yet to see snow in our part of the woods, yet it certainly has been cold enough! If there were snow outside I could easily encourage my children to grab a sled or work on a snow fort for an afternoon. Since that is not an option for us, I’ve compiled a list of winter-friendly activities for kids of all ages.

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Switching Curriculum Mid-Year

It’s a few months into our “school year” and about time to take a step back and see if what we are doing is working. For the most part, what I planned and scheduled for the year is working out, but some things do in fact need to be switched around!

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If in Doubt, Wait!

I know when I see other homeschool families pins on Pinterest and photos on their blog I get excited. “Wow, that looks fun,” “I could do that!” “That would fit perfectly in our homeschool!” Then, reality hits. The price tag.

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